Thursday, July 9, 2015

When you miss your movie and something cool happens....

Taken in the park before getting attacked by bugs.
I had gotten the opportunity to watch a free screening of "Trainwreck" in the city along with two guests. I brought along my sister and my cousin. We got there around 6:30 and it started at 7:00. The line was literally around the block so of course, we didn't get in. The obvious thing to do was buy some beer and head to Central Park. On our way there, we're walking on 30 something street and my sister spots Jay Z coming out of a building. It was so random because he was with one other person walking into a car and there was NO ONE around. No giant crowds, no paparazzi, no one. I asked him for a picture but he said he couldn't because he was in a rush (which was probably B.S. but at least he was nice about it). In other news, in exactly one month I will be 24 and feel more of a mess than I did when I was 18. Hope everyone has a great week -Kat

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Erin and Katherine said...

Haha whoa that's cool! I've never seen anyone has famous as Jay-Z candidly before.

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