Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Beauty On A Budget

Hey everyone! I'm back at school so it's been a bit hectic. We've had delayed openings and canceled classes because of the weather. I've been indoors a lot and when I'm indoors I get bored and when I get bored I online shop! It's the worst. I'm generally good with money but I have my weak moments. Especially when it comes to deals on makeup. I'm all about quality over quantity. I'd rather have two amazing products than 10 so-so ones. I'm the same way with clothes too. There are a bunch of sites where you can get amazing makeup for cheap! Here are my favorites:

Colourpop is an amazing site that has cruelty-free eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lip pencils. The eyeshadows come in satin, metallic, pearlized, and the recently released matte finishes. The pigmentation is amazing and they are all $5 each! The lipsticks are called lippie stix and all have corresponding lip liners so you'll never have to hunt for a match. I have about five of these along with the pencils and I love them! There are also tons of reviews on youtube so you can check them out and if you sign up for their newsletter you get $5 off!
Another awesome site is MakeupGeek ! Makeup Geek was created by Marlena who is a Youtube makeup guru. Her site has tons of information like tutorials, how to apply, an idea gallery, and storage ideas. Makeup Geek has amazing cruelty-free eyeshadows and blushes that you can buy in pan form or in compacts. The regular shadows are $5.99 which are comparable to MAC! Marlena recently released her foiled eyeshadows which are absolutely amazing. They are $9.99 and have a beautiful opaque, foiled finish. She also sells amazing affordable brushes that are comparable to Sigma. The site is perfect for anyone from a beginner to a professional makeup artist because it offers high quality products at an affordable price. I have a few eyeshadows and I'm actually planning on ordering some blushes soon!
Lastly, one of my most recent and favorite discoveries is Hautelook.  Hautelook is a flash sale site that offers designer brands at discounted prices. The sales usually last 1-4 days and include beauty products, home goods, clothing, and accessories. I had heard of hautelook before but I didn't sign up because I thought it was a subscription service and I hate those. Once I actually watched a Hautelook haul on YouTube, I ran over and signed up immediately. Sometimes I get really obsessed with a product, but just cannot justify spending $30+ (unless it's foundation). Hautelook has flash sales of high end brands such as Tarte, Stila, theBalm, Illamasqua, etc. You can get amazing products for cheap! I bought  a few things from their recent sale which featured theBalm. Every time new sales get announced I get so excited *crossing my fingers for Tarte to be featured soon*

So those are my picks for affordable and quality makeup, hope you beauty lovers on a budget enjoyed it! Let me know what sites you use or love for affordable beauty products because I'm always willing to try out a good deal :)

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