Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Flower Beauty Eye-See-You Beauty Set & Lip Service Lip Butter

Flower Beauty is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite drugstore brands. If you aren't familiar with Flower, it is a beauty and cosmetics line by Drew Barrymore available exclusively at Walmart. It was created based on the idea that you do not need to spend a lot of money to get luxury products. As a college student with a part time job, I was like um YES PLEASE. Plus, who doesn't love Drew Barrymore? It's made in the U.S. and is cruelty free! The line has tons of cosmetics, fragrances, and even makeup bags. I have a lot of their products so I got excited when they released a bunch of sets for the holiday season (still available). I picked up the Eye-See-You Beauty Set in Rose Gold which I am loving. I also picked up one of the Lip Service Lip Butters in Rose-y Future.
I love this packaging, very sleek and the palette has a magnetic closure.
Unfortunately, I did not keep the packaging. However, the set comes with an 8 shade Shadow Play Eyeshadow Palette, an Ultimate Eyeshadow Brush, and an Extreme Measures Lengthening Mascara in Intense Black. It was on sale for $9.98 (!!!) at my local Walmart so I had to purchase it.
Swatches: Top row -left to right. Bottom row - left to right.
This is such a fun palette with a mix of matte and satin shades. The colors are super creamy and as you can tell, very pigmented. I absolutely love all the colors. I honestly thought the yellow shade would be too bright but it's actually very subtle and wearable.The colors can be used for an every day look or even a smoky eye. The only issue I have is that I wish it had transition colors for blending. Overall, it's a great buy! 

 The set also comes with a brush which I love. I'll be honest, I didn't think I would because of how large it is but it's pretty good at packing on color and is pretty dense AND soft. It's also pretty versatile enough that it can be used as a blending brush. I'm all about multipurpose brushes (less to wash). The mascara is also great because it's a dryer formula but it isn't flaky. It's perfect because my lashes don't fall but they don't feel too stiff either. The brush is a long plastic brush and that's just the right size for me. Fatter brushes make my eyelashes clumpy, so this was perfect.
Shade: Rose-y Future

Lastly, is the Lip Service Lip Butter. This wasn't in the set, but I picked it up the same day. I love lip butters, I used to love the Revlon Lip Butters, but they weren't as moisturizing as I wanted. This one is great because it's hydrating and the color payoff is great. It does have a shine but it isn't glossy, I hate glossy lip products. If I don't want to wear foundation, I'll wear concealer along with this and I actually look like I'm trying. I usually wear it to work and it does wear off a tiny bit but it's expected with a lip butter. There's also a wide range of colors for every skin tone. Works for me!

So whether you're just starting out, an old pro, or a "let me slap this on my face and see what happens" like me, Flower Beauty is a great line. It's affordable, cruelty free, the packaging is awesome, and it has genuinely good products. I'm not being paid to say this, it's honestly great. Next time you're in Walmart, give it a shot.


Phy said...

Wow, I can see that the eye shadows are pigmented and creamy. That lip butter almost looks like a highly pigmented gloss! For such a low price too. I wish it's available in Malaysia

Danielle said...

the colors look lovely!

xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

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Ira Kharchenko said...

Great post dear! I love it:)