Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fall Wish List!

The 70s have been trending lately and I've been loving every bit of it. The fringe, the leather, and lots of suede (yes please!) It reminds me of the fashion in one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous. I mean Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) in that movie is everything I want to be in life. Sadly, I can't go back in time and become a 70s groupie. But I can dress like one right? 
Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2015, that dress and those boots give me life!

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2015
 Luckily, there are many stores who have a lot of pieces inspired by this era. I've put together a wish list of affordable items that can be incorporated into your fall wardrobe. The only splurge piece is the shearling jacket (I'm planning on selling a kidney for it).
1. Old Navy Faux Suede Mini
2. Forever 21 Buttoned Denim Shirt
3. H&M Fringe Poncho
4. Flare Sleeve Top
5. Hilfiger Denim Faux Shearling Jacket
6. Old Navy Poncho Wrap
7. Flower Nail'd It Nail Lacquer in Budding Romance
     Sidenote: Old Navy has really been stepping it up. I've been liking a lot of their pieces lately! It also doesn't hurt that I live a few blocks away from a store. I've been going almost every week and walking out with at least one item- this isn't sponsored, I just really love Old Navy. If you have one in your neighborhood, check it out!
And that's it! Let me know what you've been loving this fall and I'll be sure to check it out :) xoxo - Kat

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Something you should know..

     I've always loved reading lifestyle blogs and watching beauty videos. What's great about the beauty community is you can share products you love to people all over the world. I've found a lot of items to help with my skin and hair that have changed my life. Earlier this year, I decided to start my own blog but was initially hesitant. I posted here and there, but wasn't very consistent. As much I loved sharing beauty and lifestyle tips with friends, I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested. I also would never post pictures of myself because I was too self conscious.

   One of my favorite people on this planet, Mindy Kaling tweeted something one day that has always stuck with me. Butttt if Mindy told me to eat a diaper I'd probably do it (she's my hero). 
I love beauty and fashion so why not share it? It's something I love doing and I should be proud to do it!
Sun in my eyes or resting b*tch face?
Found this while walking in my neighborhood! *insert inspirational paragraph about how it's a sign here*

    If you find something that you know you love doing, just go for it with every ounce of your being. Make mistakes and learn as much as you can. Life's too short, do something fun! -xo Kat

Monday, November 9, 2015

My Favorite Fall Blushes!

It's officially my favorite time of year! The fashion, the makeup, the FOOD & the weather. Gross fact about me: I sweat very easy, so in the summer I look like this 99% of the time. 
Remember Bedazzled? I watched it like every day as a kid - which probably wasn't appropriate.
I live for cold weather. The leaves falling from the trees in burnt shades of brown, yellow, and red. The sunsets rolling in earlier in purple, gray, and mauve hues. So why not slap those colors on my face? Here are some of my favorite affordable blushes for fall.
This elf blush palette is sooo good! It comes in Light and Dark. I chose the Dark quad because I preferred the selection of colors. The best part is it's $6 and you get four full size blushes. They also pop out so they're great for travel. I've been loving the two bottom shades for the fall. On the left is a deep, berry red shade with tiny gold flecks throughout. Super festive and beautiful for the holidays. On the right is a dark mauve shade that's perfect for every day.
Next up, is MAC's Breath of Plum. I actually bought this last fall because I wanted a blush for winter that wasn't pink. I had never seen a color like this at the drugstore so I splurged and bought it. It's a great matte, light plum shade that's subtle but can also be built up. Milani Fantastico Mauve might be my most worn out of all of these. Sadly, it was limited edition BUT you can find it easily on eBay for $5-$7 (where I got mine). It's a gorgeous mauve (duh) with gold, pink, and white veining. When you swirl your brush around and apply it onto your cheeks, it creates a beautiful golden purple that glitters in the light.
Shameless selfie
And that's it! Let me know what your favorite fall blushes are so I can run out and buy them because I can't possibly have too many blushes in my collection ;) xo Kat

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Some things that have happened

  •  Bringing in my 24th year with lots of beer at an 80s club. Singing Prince at the top of my lungs had never felt better.
  • Leaving work and rushing to the closing elevator that slams into your shoulder with everyone in it as your audience and then realizing it's going up. "I'm fine, that didn't hurt at all. I'll just be getting off now."
  • Hanging out with my cousin who was visiting the U.S. for the first time. I'd like to publicly thank her for not judging my now horrible Spanish.
  • Getting back into running. The first 5 minutes my legs were like girl, please. Do you not know how out of shape you really are?
  • Going to Philly for Made in America and seeing Nick Jonas perform in all his dreamy glory.

  • Visiting my old workplace and having multiple people ask how my child is doing. Um, when did I have a baby? I have never been pregnant?

Hope everyone has a great week! I'll be working, still without child.

Friday, August 7, 2015

adventures in waxing

So I'm 23 years old and I've never gotten a wax below my eyebrows. I've heard great stories and bad stories about waxes down there. I was a little wary of paying $60+ for something I've never done and might not even get through (pain!). I decided to buy an at home kit to try out myself. I used Nair Spa Clay Roll-On Wax. That way I could save some money and also cry within the confines of my bedroom with no judgment. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible so I had my laptop propped open watching a Jake Gyllenhaal interview. Southpaw looks so good. Also, I will never see Jake Gyllenhaal the same way again.

Jake telling our engagement story, such a sweetheart that guy.
Pretty sure my dog is saying "I could've told you this wasn't gonna work out."

So there I am in the bedroom. Underwear off, microwaved wax in one hand, strips in the other. I was ready. I placed the strip on the wax, shut my eyes, and pulled. NOTHING HAPPENED. The strips didn't stick to the wax. I tried again 4 times and still nothing. Eventually, I gave up and hopped in the shower. 
I had high hopes for this thing.
Anyways, let me know if there are any waxing methods that work for you. As for me, better luck next time - Kat

Friday, July 24, 2015

Thriftin' & Reminiscin'

There's a thrift store in my area that I really enjoy going to. Partly because once in a while, I find something amazing-like a gorgeous leather backpack for $5(!) and also because the prices are ridiculous. Apparently, a guy comes in that checks out the clothes and sets the prices. American Eagle jeans? $18. Topshop blouse? $5. The prices are either ridiculously high or ridiculously low. So that's why I still go, you just never know.
I live in a predominantly Hispanic area, so there's always lots of vintage rosaries in there.

Cool vintage dresses that I never find in my size. 20 year olds like gaudy florals too!

Funny that a couple years ago, these books couldn't be found ANYWHERE.
This time around, I found two blouses (currently in my hamper) so it was a semi-success. But what I really loved was spotting the Twilight series. The Twilight movie came out my senior year of high school and I was obsessed. I think the books were pretty good-for a high school read. The movies on the other hand, I couldn't even finish. I remember watching the trailer over and over and being crazy excited. I went with friends to a packed theater and was so disappointed. The script was eh and it looked like a student film. And thus ended my Twilight obsession. Thrift stores are always awesome because you can find items that can take you back to a certain time in your (or someone else's) life, like a vintage prom dress or a book series about a lovesick vampire. I didn't buy them by the way ;)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

When you miss your movie and something cool happens....

Taken in the park before getting attacked by bugs.
I had gotten the opportunity to watch a free screening of "Trainwreck" in the city along with two guests. I brought along my sister and my cousin. We got there around 6:30 and it started at 7:00. The line was literally around the block so of course, we didn't get in. The obvious thing to do was buy some beer and head to Central Park. On our way there, we're walking on 30 something street and my sister spots Jay Z coming out of a building. It was so random because he was with one other person walking into a car and there was NO ONE around. No giant crowds, no paparazzi, no one. I asked him for a picture but he said he couldn't because he was in a rush (which was probably B.S. but at least he was nice about it). In other news, in exactly one month I will be 24 and feel more of a mess than I did when I was 18. Hope everyone has a great week -Kat

Saturday, June 27, 2015

a dry girl's guide to makeup

  I don't know about you, but I feel like a lot of beauty bloggers/Youtubers have oily or combination skin. There are a lot of products out there that cater to oily skin. I watch videos of beauty bloggers who say that they have dry skin and I laugh and laugh. I have the driest skin on Earth. I also have eczema. In the winter, my T- zone literally peels (gross but true). I also get a lot of redness. Anyway, for a long time I believed that products would not work on me because I have "bad skin" and that's the way it would be forever. I used to wash my face every morning with hand soap *gasp* and would moisturize with Victoria Secret lotion *gasps louder*. I wouldn't prime my face before applying foundation and would wonder why matte foundations  would cake up on my skin.
  This might seem like common sense to most, but you really have to pay attention to your skin. If you start to break out or have a change in texture, ask yourself: What have I been eating? What products did I use? Is it that time of the month? All of these factors contribute to the way your skin looks and feels. I've found a couple products that have been life savers for me and if you have really dry skin like I do, they could help!

My eyebrows are crying out for a threading
My driest areas are between my eyebrows, the sides of my nose and my laugh lines.

I used to buy the Cetaphil cream but one day it was sold out and I bought the generic Walmart version. It is the exact same thing and also about $4 cheaper. Same with the cleanser! The cleanser is very gentle and also removes makeup which is a bonus. It doesn't feel like your skin is being stripped of moisture which was a huge issue for me and it's great for every day. I like to bathe at night so after I get out of the shower I apply the cream. It's very thick and moisturizing but not in a heavy way. The next morning, my skin is always soft and smooth. It also calms my eczema significantly.

For my eyes, I like to use the tarte Maraca C-Brighter Eye Treatment. My under eye area also gets pretty dry so I use this to prevent my concealer from creasing. It also brightens and wakes up my eyes. When I first started using it, it was a little tingly which might bother some but you get used to it. Good stuff!
Now this. This has been a Godsend. I have tried the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer (greasy + gross + broke me out), The Smashbox Hydrating primer (meh), and the elf Tone Correcting primer (good in the winter for redness) but nothing beats this. It's hydrating, not too silicone-y feeling and smooths out the face. When I wear this under a matte foundation, my skin looks even and smooth.
Lastly, is this little gem MAC Fix +. I got the travel size because I wanted to try it out before committing to the full size. You can use it before and/or after applying your makeup. It's a refreshing finishing spray that is especially helpful to someone with skin as dry as mine. I've sprayed this on my face when I've been out late and my skin starts to feel a bit drunk dehydrated. You can also spray this on your brush when applying eyeshadow to make the eyeshadow more pigmented and foiled looking.

And that's it! I hope this post wasn't super boring but helpful for anyone who suffers from barren, desert skin. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know I'm always willing to try something new! xoxo

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Beauty On A Budget

Hey everyone! I'm back at school so it's been a bit hectic. We've had delayed openings and canceled classes because of the weather. I've been indoors a lot and when I'm indoors I get bored and when I get bored I online shop! It's the worst. I'm generally good with money but I have my weak moments. Especially when it comes to deals on makeup. I'm all about quality over quantity. I'd rather have two amazing products than 10 so-so ones. I'm the same way with clothes too. There are a bunch of sites where you can get amazing makeup for cheap! Here are my favorites:

Colourpop is an amazing site that has cruelty-free eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lip pencils. The eyeshadows come in satin, metallic, pearlized, and the recently released matte finishes. The pigmentation is amazing and they are all $5 each! The lipsticks are called lippie stix and all have corresponding lip liners so you'll never have to hunt for a match. I have about five of these along with the pencils and I love them! There are also tons of reviews on youtube so you can check them out and if you sign up for their newsletter you get $5 off!
Another awesome site is MakeupGeek ! Makeup Geek was created by Marlena who is a Youtube makeup guru. Her site has tons of information like tutorials, how to apply, an idea gallery, and storage ideas. Makeup Geek has amazing cruelty-free eyeshadows and blushes that you can buy in pan form or in compacts. The regular shadows are $5.99 which are comparable to MAC! Marlena recently released her foiled eyeshadows which are absolutely amazing. They are $9.99 and have a beautiful opaque, foiled finish. She also sells amazing affordable brushes that are comparable to Sigma. The site is perfect for anyone from a beginner to a professional makeup artist because it offers high quality products at an affordable price. I have a few eyeshadows and I'm actually planning on ordering some blushes soon!
Lastly, one of my most recent and favorite discoveries is Hautelook.  Hautelook is a flash sale site that offers designer brands at discounted prices. The sales usually last 1-4 days and include beauty products, home goods, clothing, and accessories. I had heard of hautelook before but I didn't sign up because I thought it was a subscription service and I hate those. Once I actually watched a Hautelook haul on YouTube, I ran over and signed up immediately. Sometimes I get really obsessed with a product, but just cannot justify spending $30+ (unless it's foundation). Hautelook has flash sales of high end brands such as Tarte, Stila, theBalm, Illamasqua, etc. You can get amazing products for cheap! I bought  a few things from their recent sale which featured theBalm. Every time new sales get announced I get so excited *crossing my fingers for Tarte to be featured soon*

So those are my picks for affordable and quality makeup, hope you beauty lovers on a budget enjoyed it! Let me know what sites you use or love for affordable beauty products because I'm always willing to try out a good deal :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday: Keeping Warm...And Full

Hope everyone on the East Coast is keeping warm and being safe by staying indoors! Last night, I was really hoping for my classes to be canceled. I even headed to Shop Rite convinced that there wouldn't be class today and bought a bunch of "survival" food. You can imagine how excited I was when I received an email that said one of my classes was cancelled and the university would close at 1:00. I hopped back into bed only to receive an email an hour later from another classmate asking me what she had missed in class. I was like wait...what? I realized that I had forgotten about my 11:30 class which was most definitely NOT canceled. Awesome.
I don't think this would help much if the power goes out...
I also took my dogs for a walk early in the day because there was no way I was stepping foot outside any later. They kept looking at me like "We don't wanna walk in this either dude."
Coco & Sushi, my snowy furballs
As I'm typing this I'm currently stuffed with pasta and pizza rolls. I was trying to get back into my healthy eating routine but cheating doesn't count on a snow day...right? I also caught up on reading Sophia Amoruso's #GirlBoss. If you have a plan, or goal that you would like to put into action but feel uneasy and unsure how to begin, READ THIS. It's seriously full of inspiration and is pretty much a kick in the butt in book form. She doesn't sugarcoat anything and stresses the importance of hard work. It also isn't of those cheesy inspirational books that tells you that everything will be okay if you just think about happy flowers and sparkly rainbows. It's the perfect time for me to read it honestly because I'm graduating soon and I'm gonna need all the motivation I can get. It's great. I've also read Mindy Kaling's book which I freaking loooved, cannot wait for her next one.

Well, I'm going to finally get out of bed and try to straighten up my room before Jane the Virgin comes on. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Isn't it funny when you hear yourself saying something and immediately realize that it isn't true? Happy Monday!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Flower Beauty Eye-See-You Beauty Set & Lip Service Lip Butter

Flower Beauty is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite drugstore brands. If you aren't familiar with Flower, it is a beauty and cosmetics line by Drew Barrymore available exclusively at Walmart. It was created based on the idea that you do not need to spend a lot of money to get luxury products. As a college student with a part time job, I was like um YES PLEASE. Plus, who doesn't love Drew Barrymore? It's made in the U.S. and is cruelty free! The line has tons of cosmetics, fragrances, and even makeup bags. I have a lot of their products so I got excited when they released a bunch of sets for the holiday season (still available). I picked up the Eye-See-You Beauty Set in Rose Gold which I am loving. I also picked up one of the Lip Service Lip Butters in Rose-y Future.
I love this packaging, very sleek and the palette has a magnetic closure.
Unfortunately, I did not keep the packaging. However, the set comes with an 8 shade Shadow Play Eyeshadow Palette, an Ultimate Eyeshadow Brush, and an Extreme Measures Lengthening Mascara in Intense Black. It was on sale for $9.98 (!!!) at my local Walmart so I had to purchase it.
Swatches: Top row -left to right. Bottom row - left to right.
This is such a fun palette with a mix of matte and satin shades. The colors are super creamy and as you can tell, very pigmented. I absolutely love all the colors. I honestly thought the yellow shade would be too bright but it's actually very subtle and wearable.The colors can be used for an every day look or even a smoky eye. The only issue I have is that I wish it had transition colors for blending. Overall, it's a great buy! 

 The set also comes with a brush which I love. I'll be honest, I didn't think I would because of how large it is but it's pretty good at packing on color and is pretty dense AND soft. It's also pretty versatile enough that it can be used as a blending brush. I'm all about multipurpose brushes (less to wash). The mascara is also great because it's a dryer formula but it isn't flaky. It's perfect because my lashes don't fall but they don't feel too stiff either. The brush is a long plastic brush and that's just the right size for me. Fatter brushes make my eyelashes clumpy, so this was perfect.
Shade: Rose-y Future

Lastly, is the Lip Service Lip Butter. This wasn't in the set, but I picked it up the same day. I love lip butters, I used to love the Revlon Lip Butters, but they weren't as moisturizing as I wanted. This one is great because it's hydrating and the color payoff is great. It does have a shine but it isn't glossy, I hate glossy lip products. If I don't want to wear foundation, I'll wear concealer along with this and I actually look like I'm trying. I usually wear it to work and it does wear off a tiny bit but it's expected with a lip butter. There's also a wide range of colors for every skin tone. Works for me!

So whether you're just starting out, an old pro, or a "let me slap this on my face and see what happens" like me, Flower Beauty is a great line. It's affordable, cruelty free, the packaging is awesome, and it has genuinely good products. I'm not being paid to say this, it's honestly great. Next time you're in Walmart, give it a shot.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wanting: Patchwork Denim & Chunky Knits

Lately I've been obsessed with finding the perfect patchwork denim jeans. I've looked everywhere! In thrift stores, all I can find is oversized mom jean styles (not the cute kind) and the ones I really love are waaaay out of my price range. Examples here, here and here. I love the whole denim on denim trend. At first, I was a bit afraid of looking like Justin and Britney in 2001 (love is blind guys) but it can be pretty cute! Here are a few looks I'm loving:
Joan Smalls, this girl is flawless.

Phillip Lim 3.1
Let's be honest, Gwen (we're on a first name basis) can wear a paper bag and look stunning.
 I've also been wanting to pair the jeans with a really cute chunky sweater. My coworker told me the other day that my "grandma sweaters always look cute." I was like thanks? But I do love me some chunky sweaters. I actually have a couple but you can never have enough. Especially when I see my favorite celebrities wearing them. I love these looks.
I recently read that Hilary Duff moved to Brooklyn and if I ever run into her, I might die. Anyway, I love the pattern on this sweater and her, obviously.
Kate Moss

Olivia Palermo does no wrong. I normally don't like this color but she makes it work! 
I know a lot of people made fun of him for this but I actually really like this look. I mean, he's Lenny  Kravitz.

Love the color and texture on this one.

So that's what I'm loving for winter. I feel like these looks can even be worn in early Spring. Right now I'm loving this, this, this, and this sweater. Also, let me know what kind of sweaters you've been loving (Grandmas unite!) and how you've been keeping warm. Enjoy your weekend <3

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

An Introduction + "Top Shelf"

Hi I'm Kat! So, I'm not exactly new to blogging. I used to have one on here but once it was gone I started to miss it. I did enjoy writing out random thoughts and ramblings. You learn a lot in this weird blogging world. Anyway, I'm a 23 year old student currently living freezing in NJ. I love movies, fashion, books, animals (my dogs especially) and beauty. I love reading about beauty and skincare products online as well as from friends. Everyone's skin is different, so I like to learn and try as many things as possible to find what works. Into the Gloss is one of my favorite sites that shows products celebrities use in its Top Shelf series so I thought, why not share mine? So get ready for a super long post that I hope you'll enjoy!

In the morning, I like to wash my face with SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Soap . I have really dry skin + eczema, and this is gentle, moisturizing, and doesn't strip my skin of moisture(!)  I also use it as a body soap. It has kind of a cologney smell? But it doesn't linger and you get used it. The African Black Soap is good too!
After I get out of the shower, I use Andes Nature Cosmetic Snail Extract Cream . I swear, it sounds really gross but it's actually very moisturizing but light. I used to use Cetaphil but it felt really thick and greasy on my skin. It doesn't have much of a scent either. I've always hated scented lotions. Victoria's Secret lotions do nothing for my skin and the smell is too overpowering. My mom gave this to me one day and I fell in love. 


I like to start by my priming face with elf Mineral Face Primer in Tone Adjusting Green. I had never used primer before so I picked up a cheap (college student budget) one to test out. I gotta say it's pretty good! I don't know how I ever wore foundation without using primer. I get a lot of redness and I find that although it doesn't eliminate it, it does calm it down significantly. It also gives you a nice smooth canvas for your foundation.
For foundation, I love mixing L'Oreal True Match in W7 Caramel Beige and N6 Honey Beige. It's full coverage and gives you a matte and flawless finish. It also lasts all day. I swear I could look like crap in the morning, but after I put this on I go from zero to hero. I really can't say enough about this foundation. And it's drugstore? It's seriously my Magna Carta HOLY GRAIL.
And now for my favorite part, concealer. Concealer, thank you for being there for me when I've only slept 2 hours because of finals. Thank you, for being there for me when I'm hungover and I can't look like a walking corpse at work. Thank you, for giving me that "I slept 10 hours" look when I've only slept half that. You're truly the real MVP. Anyway, here are my favorites: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer  in 20- Nars Creamy Concealer dupe! Flower Lighten Up! Brightening Concealer in Shade 2 - great for brightening/highlighting, lastly Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller in Light/Medium - major life saver when in a rush, instantly brightens and has caffeine! I'll usually use any two of these together.
To set everything, I use Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Sandstorm. For an every day blush, I like to use Flower Win Some, Rouge Some Creme Blush in Elegant Azalea - natural, dark pink with a hint of peach. To highlight, I like to use The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer  - I dream of one day having  that fabulous J.LO glow and I like to feel like I'm one step closer when I wear this.

For mascara, I like to pile on Flower Extreme Measures Lengthening Mascara in Intense Black. I like dry formulas because I find wet mascaras make my lashes droop. If I'm going to do my eyebrows- because let's be honest, in the morning, ain't nobody got time for that- I'll fill them in with the elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium. I don't really use it to give myself eyebrows, but just to fill in a little here and there.
Let me preface this by saying I have never been an eyeshadow girl. I still don't think I'm an eyeshadow girl. I am super lazy and cannot be sitting there blending for hours. I know it's not really for hours. But that's what it feels like. I also like natural looking makeup so you will never see me in a smokey eye. Don't get me wrong, I think it looks great - just not on me. Recently, I've had a small change of heart. I've recognized that eyeshadow is not the devil and neutral looks can be cute and easy. I received this palette for Christmas and have been loving all the colors. I am on my way to becoming an eyeshadow master! Not really, but I do plan on wearing it more often.

Top to Bottom: MAC Del Rio, Flower Beauty Desert Flower, Milani Naturally Chic
Lastly, lipstick! I have full lips so sometimes lipstick is tricky. It can't be too glossy and it can't be too matte. Super matte lipsticks dry the shizz out of my lips and then it takes a while to "fix" them. Satin finishes are my favorite. I can do creamy mattes too. For an everyday color, I love Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Naturally Chic. It's a really nice pinky nude and it's supposed to be a dupe for MAC's Cosmo. I prefer pink nudes because truer nudes wash me out and give me corpse lips. If I want to go a bit darker, I'll use Flower Velvet Kiss Stick Lipstick in Desert Flower. You can tell I love this color because it's almost done! It's a really creamy mauve-y brick red with a matte finish. Lastly, for a more dramatic look, I have been loooving MAC's Del Rio. It's a muted plum brown with a satin finish and I always get asked about it when I wear it. I even had a guy tell me "Hey, you are rocking the shit out of that lipstick." So yes, I love this lipstick.

So, that's it! Props to you if you hung in there till the end. As you can tell, my makeup routine is pretty simple but it gets the job done. If you have any questions, leave me a comment and/or let me know what your favorite products are. I always love to read those. Have a great week!